Friday, June 10, 2011

The Vintage Marketplace @ The Oaks Weekend

I was supposed to blog about The Vintage Marketplace at the beginning of the week not the end. I just haven't felt too inspired lately to write. I guess you could say i have so much on my mind that blogging is not my top priority. Anyways we had a blast last weekend at The Vintage Marketplace in Rainbow, CA . It was a really good show as always Christie & Rita do their best. The atmosphere is absolutely beautiful in the park like setting held at The Oaks. The girls that come together every three months are like family now. We all pulled together and tryed our best to make our little traveling booths look amazing. In that note we really concentrated on making our 58' Vintage Shasta trailer look like a traveling cottage boudoir with the help, construction and design of Jennie & Shawn Olsen from Rustic Chic   they helped put our vision in it. It came together fabulous. Check out their blog for more pictures on the design and to contact them on designing your vision of canned ham dreaminess.

Here she is the 58' Vintage Shasta Canned Ham. She made her Debut run at The Vintage Marketplace all the hard work paid off . The little trailer was a hit.  

Who wants to sleep on this bed?

or eat pancakes on this table?

How about cooking on this pink stove? Shawn painted it pink from an ugly brown color added some cute chippy corbels and made it a woman's dream kitchen.

Loving this vintage pink prom dress added to the decor along with Christie Repasy new Boot painting.

Some of our Treasures from outside

More goodies

Here i am in the canned ham. Sending all of our friends Peace, Love & Happiness :).
Perfect ending to a perfect weekend in Rainbow, California. Big thanks to Christie, Rita, Dean, Shawn, Jennie, The Oaks Restaurant & all or wonderful friends that came out this past weekend. Start saving up for the next Vintage Marketplace September 2 & 3, 2011 

Peace, Love & Happiness:)
To Our Feathered Friends
Until We Meet Again 
Jamie & Lori
The Two Wild Roses


Sheila said...

Hey Girls!
It was so nice to see you both and visit for a while last weekend...the show was amazing and I am looking forward to coming back to the show in September. I would love to hook up and do lunch or come shop your way over the Summer break.


blossoms vintage chic said...

You Girls are the best...and your canned ham is absolutely dreamy.
I can't wait til September...but I'm sure I will see you at C.R. before then!

Recycled Rita said...

Hi Jamie and Lori!
I just read thru your blog, it's great! Jamie, can't believe you have a 13yr.old, you look like a teenager yourself! Your victorian house is TDF! I still am waiting on Vintage Marketplace, but I will see you at Glitterfest for sure!
hugs! karen...

Amber said...

You are so darn cute Jamie! Your vintage look suits you so well. :)
xo, Amber

Jody Battaglia said...

Hey you two...Can I join the parade? You are going to have some sparky adventures in that Canned Ham.

Have silly "mustard on the side" fun, Jody

Bohemian said...

I could definitely take a nap on that fab Boho Bed!

Dawn... The Bohemian

Martha's Favorites said...

Hi: I just found your blog and I love it. I have become your lastest follower. Looking forward to many future visits. Blessings, Martha