Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Welcome to my Blog

Hello My name is Jamie Martin. Im new to all this blogging. So if it doesnt look too right is because im finally figuring it out,lol. Some of you might know me and my mother Lori Martin we have had several antique stores in the Beaumont, Banning and Yucaipa area. Right now we are just doing shows and slowly getting my website up. Or i should say im getting the website up,lol. I have been in the antique business for the last 9 years and loving every moment of it. I really miss having a store but with the way the economy is right now its better to just do shows and sell on the side.

What have i been doing these past 2 years since we closed down our store Two Wild Roses in Banning, Ca. Being mom and being and aunt. I have also been desiging Teddy bears which i have been loving.Also designing cute romantic vintage decor and clothing. I have a studio/ shop in the garage with my mother on her property. We are in Redlands in an old victorian house. Trying to get everything perfect to have a show on our property soon.

Theres a little bit about me.. I will update this with new pictures soon. Feel free to email me if you have any questions , comments anything,lol.