Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Son

As Summer has come to an end in this household, not all the way the weather is still hot here. Today marks the beginning of 8th grade for my son Dylan. 

This little guy is no longer a little guy anymore he is officially a teenager. 

I would love to say where has the time gone but we all know children grow up and are no longer your babies anymore. As i sit here with tears in my eyes thinking about where our life is going next. It breaks my heart that he is growing up so fast.......

I Hope You Know

© Rita Luna
To My Son,
I hope you know how much I love you so,
I might embarrass you from time to time
By giving lots of love and needless kisses,
But you need to know Mom loves you so,
Before you were born I didn't know
just how much I would love you so,
But when I looked into your eyes for the first time,
I felt my heart grow and grow,
A Mothers love is hard to explain,
Not everyone will feel the same,
Now that you are getting older I felt the need to tell you,
Just how much I love you so,
Time may pass day after day or year after year,
But the love I have for you grows
nearer and dearer to my heart each day and year,
To My Son I hope you know just how much I love you so.

Peace, Love & Happiness :)
Until We Meet Again