Thursday, February 24, 2011

All Moved In

As of this past weekend we are all moved in Country Roads. It is packed with tons of goodies. I forgot my camera yesterday so i didnt get any new photos. My computer is broken too :( im on my moms laptop. But i promise ill take photos if we make another trip up there is weekend. We are also getting ready to take load on monday to Fallbrook for our next show Chateau de Fleurs or . Definately a show you do not want to miss. 

Also one of our displays is on the front cover of Todays Vintage coming issue with Rita Reade there will be free issues at the coming Chateau De Fleurs Marketplace.  for Chateau De Fleurs read the wonderful article inside.

Peace, Love & Happiness:)

Jamie & Lori
The Two Wild Roses

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Holly Loves Art said...

OH how lovely! I love Country Roads and Chateau de Fleurs! Rita is a doll. I hope to meet you someday! Have a great weekend.