Thursday, January 27, 2011

A quickey Post on 5 Charms Class

This past Saturday i took Rita's & Lisa's 5 Charm Class from and .  My mom and sister took it back in December. I was sick so i was doing a makeup class. We had a lot of fun making the charms. My camera's battery wasn't working so i took some pictures on my iPhone.

Gotta have your tools.

Soldering tools
Charms ready
 for the soldering part

Jewels to be added courtesy of Lisa Loria our wire wrapping instructor

The finished product. My 5 charms necklace. I had so much fun with our feathered friends.

Peace Love & Happiness :)



Lisa Loria said...

too much fun with you too Feathered Friend!

Rita said...

So nice to have you Jamie. I love my bird, sits on my computer table. I will see you real soon. Ciao Rita mammabellarte