Monday, August 23, 2010

Sunday Bling Baby Class with Lisa Loria

This last Sunday we hopped in the car and drove down to Rainbow, CA. Our car was filled with lots of goodies for creating our Bling Baby's with Lisa Loria 

Miss Rita let Lisa teach her class out of her studio there.  It was a hot day but we sure enjoyed it this class and it was very relaxing and fun.

   Miss Rita's Studio of imagination.

Bella was there to make a presence while she watched us create our Bling Baby's.

Mammabellartes figures awaiting there final destination on her creations.

We had so much fun creating our bling babies. My Mom Lori took hers to a totally different level of bling. Lisa was quite amazed at how creative she was. I knew after the many years of my mom making stuff and selling it at boutiques when i was little. Working in different antique stores over the years. Back to the days when she worked at DnJ Dolls n Bears in Huntington Beach.The countless displays she has created in our stores. She always trys to take our display one level different at the shows we do.  She is a natural at creating an amazing doll. She was definitely meant to create. To this i hope it gave her enough inspiration to start creating. She is a very talented woman and very creative. I am blessed to get that gene from her. Here is her Boudoir Bling Doll

Everything is dripping with diamonds antique jewels, feathers, lace and tassels.

Feed the Birds toppings a bird.

Queen of Everything

Inside her magic crystal ball are diamonds galore.

She holds a gift from a feathered friend Miss Rita made out of a beautiful china piece.

This is Lori Martins Bling Baby a fascinating creation. Jamie's bling baby is almost finished i will be posting photos of mine soon.

Many thinks to our talented teacher Miss Lisa Loria. We had so much fun learning how to make the bling baby's. If you would like to take a class email Lisa

Also many thinks to our Hosts Miss Rita and her wonderful husband Dean who cooks a mean beer Dog. They were delicious. He will be cooking them at our upcoming Chateau De Fleur's show coming Sept. 16 & 17  for more information
For more photos for the class and other students Check out Lisas blog and Ritas blog.

And to this i say Have a wonderful day in this Sweet California Heat.  It is sure going to be Hot this week. Off to finish my Bling Baby.

Peace, Love, and Happiness :) to our Feathered Friends Until We Meet Again,
XXOO, Jamie & Lori
The Two Wild Roses


Rita said...

Hello Two Wild Roses, it is so cool to see my workshop from another point of view. Interesting.....
Thank you both for been so kind and been part of this new creative adventure. Jamie I will be working on my "bimbo bling" soon too. Ciao Rita

Tallulah's Antique Closet said...

I luv the look of the vintage doll! She is to CUTE thanks for sharing this post......Julian

im zoe said...

what gorgeous items and images, great post